On 5 May 2009, I was invited to attend the conference regarding the issue of NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization at Sime Darby Conversion Centre. This conference was attended by many societies which most of them are from international and some are local. Representing the muslim youth movement, which are not at my level, I guess,- there are some kind of important issues that should be exposed to all activism especially to the future leader.

Here are some general ideas that I think should be shared with all people not only the muslim but also the societies-

“Nato has become a powerful tool of aggrandizement that seeks to perpetuate itself despite its anachronistic military presence. It has chosen to act in tandem with the policies of the imperialistic world guided by Us security and military doctrines. The Muslim worlds, and countries such as Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Southern Philippines and including Malaysia, have become potential target or outright victims of Western hegemonic design.”

This conference is actually to send a powerful message to the world, that all conflict can be resolved through peaceful and non-violent means. War is a harbinger of death, pain, and miseries. They are not always conducted on the legal platform but rather with the pre-emptive strikes and invasions as now practiced by western forces including NATO.

The most interesting part is about the talk on how the emergence of this organization affect the global security system especially the 3rf world country that are still in the process of development that was presented by Mr. IM Mohsin. In my observation, the activism (daie) should be thought regarding this issue-(global issue) that is related to our respective religion, which in somehow we almost forget that the western wouldn’t stop their agenda to diminish the Muslim world as what is state in the Quran. However, we (muslim) always fighting among ourselves regarding the issue of “grouping”-(jamaah), the methodology of da’wah (uslub),- that make us separate and became weakness in the unity of Islam. Are there are what they claim as da’wah?-where are the true Islam that we proud of, if the unity does no longer belong to us? Why should this happen if we said we are muslim that bring the truth of the life? In the certain part, they might have their own argument, but I guess those arguments are only an excuse to

what is known as machievellian method without try to reveal deeper in that problems.

During this conference, there are about 4 speakers, 2 moderators that were invited to present a few topics that brought me to a “bigger world” that I haven’t think of it. Attending this event makes me a chance to explore more about the issue of ummah not only a part of political aspect but rather than an economic global issue and the societies that some might not have interested at all.


Agenda ini merupakan kali pertama yang saya ikuti membabitkan penyertaan badan NGO luar negara, yang merupakan cabaran bagi saya dan sahabat-sahabat untuk menyedarkan saudara-saudara kita agar jangan sesekali alpa dan leka disebalik awanan kabus tebal yang memutih di mata, tanpa kita cuba mencari apakan sebenarnya yang ada di dalam. Sesekali awan yang putih bisa membawa hujan yang melebatkan tanpa sebarang petanda sehingga akhirnya turun membasahi bumi yang kering semata. Andai direnung bersama, apakah di sebalik keindahan itu, tiada kepahitan? Meskikah kita menanti kesusahan yang mendatang, baru mengecapi nikmat kesenangan? Prevent is better than cure…

(Bersama SM Idris)

(bersama Kazi Mahmood & IM Mohsin)

Mr IM Mohsin-veteran writer and foreign expert on foreign affairs. He was former Secretary of Interior, Government of Pakistan, and a close aide and party advisor of great vision to the former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto.

Mr. S.M. Idris- well known figure in Malaysia who has dedicated more than 40 years of his life as an NGO activist. He has undertaken to bring about social change leadership as President of several well-known NGOs such as Consumer Association of Penang (CAP), the Third World Network (TWN), Consumer International (CI) and Sahabat Alam Malaysia.

Mr-Kazi Mahmood-President of the World Future Online (an on-line Political Islam portal)

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(semoga kita berkasih sayang kerana Allah)


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